Thursday, August 15, 2019


Friends are a big part of any one's life! I have come across and seen people who love their friends more than their relatives....relatives criticize you, scrutinize your actions, friends does that too but we could take it lightly....why? the connection, bond we create with friends, may be we don't or not try to do it with relatives for various reasons....we can't change or choose our relatives but we get to choose our friends...

Mahabharatha shows Duryodhana and Karna friendship as well as Krishna and Arjuna friendship..., one friendship though it was strong but made with a wrong person destroyed that person, though his nature is good, and he gives away everything without thinking twice....such a beautiful soul, Yes I am talking about Poor Karna, Arjuna though he has his own flaws, his guru showed favoritism, he chose Krishna as his friend, it made him a hero...a good friend taught him good things and showed right many will get that lucky....I am not analyzing, criticizing this story, but one thing is clear choose your friends carefully kiddos....

how do we know who is good or who is bad? when no body is perfect, everyone has their own should be strong enough to say no to situations which can create problems to them? especially if we take any story Mahabharatha/ Ramayana/ Silapathikaram - Pennasai (lust for women) destroys people. Sameway wish to attain power to rule others also destroyed ppl.....

With joint families are rare, nuclear family is on the rise, both parents are working and schools are under pressure to complete their syllabus who has the time to imbibe strong nature in kids....are we creating fragile kids who with one failure break down?

A girl who got school first, had a dream to become a doctor, couldn't score well in NEET exam commited suicide? whose fault is this? she could've wasted a year, prepared well the following year or may be she was meant to do something else, could've had plan B if not doctor could've tried something else... but instead she commited suicide, politicians were blaming govt for having NEET exam and so is just one example, there are lots of students from different backgrounds we get to hear lots of these things almost every year....

I am thankful to my parents and brothers with my negatives and positives they accepted me....still love me though I trouble them every now and then, even after I am in a position to take care of a family myself. I do trouble them even now.........strange but true.

Brother and sister relationship is like tom - jerry, they tease, fight and irritate each other but can't live without each other! Happy Raksha bandhan day to all my brothers and sisters out there! spl one to my near and dear brothers!

Even if you have one friend who could guide you, love you accept you the way you are, you are the king or queen of the world! Happy friendship day to all the human beings..I wish and pray everyone in this world to get a good friend who can treat/love them the way they deserved to be treated and loved! Have a great day!

From friends came to family...good maintaining my randomness still ;) -> There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a litte bigger and live just a little bit better, it might be your family or your friends...if you are lucky you get the best of both the worlds!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Smart toilets?

Many women in India would've faced this, every time we plan for a day trip I make sure I use the toilet at home and get out of my door. Many a time I have to hold it till the end of the day as most of the places doesn't have a toilet or even if it does, it will be in horrible condition, no water/not cleaned for months.

I was reading about Bill gates travel to half the world to check a toilet, their focus is in providing sanitation facility. I admire this quality,  earning money and giving it to make the world better place, great!...

Main problem here is we have toilets in many places, maintaining them is the issue. I feel need of the hour is smart "simple" toilets installed in public places which could self clean effectively.

Men don't have the habit of flushing, women don't dispose their sanitary pads properly. Atleast clean pots can be ensured through these smart simple self cleaning toilets. When I was reading about these smart toilets, it has lot of unnecessary features 😵. I just wish every public place be installed with simple effective toilet so women can use it easily.

I still remember our Sinhad mountain hiking in can spend a day there, nice hiking spot with yum food. Only disadvantage "Toilet"😭. Men go to the woods and mark their territory!!. Not a good choice for many women.

Akshardham in Gujrat/Modhera/Jyothirlingams/Shirdi/Ajantha/Ellora caves....just think of any tourist spots....issue persists.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Another source of energy?

I read in an article about pedal powered generators, one can use it to generate electicity. Just a wild thought If we can make a path of 10KM or so, where people can walk jog etc and can generate electricity through that? Is it possible? Then one can do it in every apartment and individual houses too if that works...

Is it doable?, I heard we can do it in treadmills and cycle in gym. That can be used for home use in a smaller way. Always drops makes the ocean...Electricity generation from a speed breaker was done too.

May be someone is already half way through it, soon it might happen. We have to find and start using other sources of energy too, so there is a chance :)

Suicidal thoughts....

I just couldn't digest people committing suicide by hanging themselves or cutting their hands, or jumping from cliffs especially from a nice view can they do it when there are plenty of simple options? I don't want to elaborate it anyway.

Why one want to commit suicide?

- 10th, 12th fail?
- love failure?
- not able to succeed in life or move forward?
- depressed and feeling lonely?

there might be plenty of valid reasons, I do respect that. But is it the only way to escape from that particular problem. When one can read, write, walk, talk it means they are able to see, they have hands, legs. There are lot of unfortunate people who don't have those, can't we help them and forget about our misfortune?

- Visually challenged people need people to read, record and write for them
- Physically challenged people need help
- Autistic children and their family need love and support
- Old people need someone to do their day to day routine,

Many people/animals/ environment around us need support in many ways.

and the list is endless.

May be it is easy to say than be in that situation. But it is doable, just give it a thought?
Somewhere I read, "committing suicide is just moving your problem from you to the loved ones around you. And that is the only reason I am alive today"...It is true, is it not?...The one who did it, will be gone, but the people around them will suffer forever.....

..But if you still want to do it, don't waste your organs, you can donate and make someone else see, live and achieve things. It is cruel to write like this but people who have all organs intact are the ones who commit suicide, It is rare to hear a physically, mentally challenged person committing suicide?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

5 things to do for the society - an hour weekly?

1. Plant and water trees, plants at home and near our home for the area atleast one. My neighbour planted around 300 trees and he water them regularly. Atleast I could see in my road he has planted on both sides plants and he water them. The mountain near our home people regularly on saturday and sunday water the plants. When they can take out sometime why cant a housewife or everyone of us? UNLESS SOMEONE LIKE YOU CARES A WHOLE AWFUL LOT, NOTHING IS GOING TO GET BETTER.  We might end up creating artificial towns and cities :( as shown in the movies. Ok that is little too much ;)

2. Reduce and Recycle. Separating dry and wet at home/source level before disposing it.

3. We went to the public library in Chengalpattu children's section, it has decent collection of books but awful arrangement. Cant blame them, British council library in Pune is no less then I guess its of no use to think about a public library. Whole collection of Enid blyton, children encyclopedia, Harry potter collection, Tulika books are kept here and there not in order. One has to go through everything to select book. Why cant we volunteer our children and involve ourself in organizing a library? is it not feasible if there is one closeby? It took less than half hour to organize one shelf.

4. Never throwing garbage on the road ever.

5. Note to self: Stop writing about all these and start doing something about it :p

Feminist view of Kannagi statue

I was listening to "take it easy policy" song...In the song there is a line, we have Kannagi statue but not Seetha's (Kannagi silai than ingundu seethaiku kallal silaiyethu?) True Kannagi burnt Madurai for her husband. Seetha proved herself pure by going in to the fire. In a Malechaunistic society obviously they will order and make a statue of Kannagi only :p. She burnt Madhurai along with innocent kids and good human beings???
Another story Shiva's, Shiva will cut Ganesha's head in anger! What kind of god will kill a little boy out of sheer anger and just to prove his power? if there is any other inner meaning i really would like to know. In most of the stories bad guys get to see the god easily. Kamsa, Hiranya Kasibu....all Rakshashas they get killed by the god, whether killed or blessed they get to see the God easily. Good people has to do thapas for years like Pagiratha? Why?

Indra's story if i start I will go nuts..he is the one who made mistake and punishment is to Agalikai? and many more story can be read in Vinayagar puranam we just started and put a full stop immediately after few pages.
Swami vivekananda seems to be reasonable but Is bramacharya or all those things taught to  him can only be followed by Vivekananda cant it be followed by women, again women is degraded in the story here and there, I guess it was written by a guy. Whether in Mahabharata/Ramayana any story women's condition is pathetic, what they did is not even close to the punishment they got and in India woman have curfew, girl children are still raped in buses. Pathetic. I dont even know whether to continue saying sare jagan se aacha...Really?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Success vs failure

Yesterday my friend posted a quote in FB about success and failure, it goes something like this, "To attain success one has to go through failure, many people didnt realize that and once they fail in something they shut themself off and develop fear to try something new or avoid taking risks". True failure is the stepping stone to success.

Immediate thought that crossed my mind is "If one has to treat success and failure in the same way, what is the point of keep on running behind and taking risks" I guess that is a nice way to escape from things and convince oneself from doing nothing, to become a lazy person. We Indians read too much of these Bhagavat gita (I know only few quotes here and there) and other things and get contented with what we have so new inventions and technologies are happening somewhere else where they constantly want to improve everything?

Especially another thing to feel proud to be an indian woman is here a married woman has the luxury to sit at home and enjoy life doing nothing except taking care of the family. But for a guy become contented, is it possible to survive in this fast world? Atleast we do need the basic necessities to be fulfilled.

RT Phase I

I feel success is very subjective, for some it is having a collection of jewelleries, for some it is accumulating and flaunting their wealth, for some it is looking young, for some it is being healthy and fit, for some it is having peaceful life, for some it is swimming and crossing 100/200 miles without giving up and so on. Success or goal what one feels might not sound interesting to another, that is what make each human being unique and beautiful. Is it not?

But I can be contented and say what is the point of running behing something nonstop
as I am not the sole breadwinner of my family ;) :P. Men in India poor souls I guess they cant think that way, have to work, earn and may be can get early retirement and enjoy! till then it is run run as fast as you can is it not?